Rhodhiss 7/31/08

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    Morganton, NC
    Had Mac Byrum as my guest today; needless to say, he set the expectations bar high. Lines out at 7AM. Bait was white perch fillets and heads. Started at Potato Creek pulled down to the Rock Wall, crossed the channel and came down the west bank. Got a couple of bites but no fish.

    About 10:30 we moved upriver to the Huffman Bridge area and added crappie fillets to the bait mix. We fished until 1PM and caught 1 channel cat that weighed 6# and one dink. We managed to pull out just ahead of a storm with high winds and lightning.

    MacB wanted a DD channel but we didn't get it. However, a nice day with a good friend who's one of the best teachers I know (and we dodged the bad weather). We'll try again in a few days.

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    We dodged the bad weather on the lake, but I drove home in sheets of rain for about 30 minutes at 15 to 25 MPH, the rain is/was much needed in this area.

    Enjoyed my trip with McMac as usual, we solved most of the world problems on our outing, except for the economy and who to vote for Prez. in November. But, we had bites, but just a few connnections. Lake Rhodhiss, like Lake Hickory is a fishing looking lake and is set in the foothills of NC. Soon or later McMac is going to figure these places out and then the fun will begin.

    McMac, thanks for letting me tag along. Photo of my host and his six pound channel is attached.