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Rhino RSC5 Reel questions

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First of all is this a good reel? Can bigger cats be caught with it or is it meant for smaller cats?

I have never used a reel with a bait clicker and wonder exactly how it works. I know when line is pulled out it will click but does it need shut off before reeling in or can it just be reeled in?

Anyone who ones on chime in and let me know what you think!!

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I have one and use it for a channel cat reel. It is spooled with 85 yards of 20lb. test line when new. It won't cast very far with the heavy line. I took it off and replaced it with 12lb. Berkley Big Game line and it casts a long way now. Set your drag where you want it before catching a fish, drag is tough to work with while a fish is on. Make sure the reel handle is positioned to turn when you use the baitclicker because the handle turns when line comes out and a fish will drag it in from the bank if it is laying against the reel handle. Works fine for channel cats for me. May do ok with larger cats if you put a good quality 20lb. test line on it and don't need the casting distance, never have tried it because I always use Abu Garcia and Penn baitcasters for flatheads.
I like the looks of the reel myself. I believe I would spool it with some 20# Spiderwire Stealth. Then you could have a line that the drag is designed for as well as more capacity and casting distance. On a 6-1/2 foot Ugly Stik that might be a pretty good rig.I'm a baitcaster man but I might just try one of the little Rhinos.
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magicman22, I forgot to answer the bait clicker question. You can reel it in with the bait clicker turned on but I have got into the habit of turning it off everytime on all my reels before reeling in. I have heard some fisherman say it is not good for it and can break the bait clicker if you constantly reel in with the clicker on. I have seen two of the Shakespeare SKP models bait clickers break while reeling in with it turned on. I turn it off and taught my boys to always turn theirs off before reeling in, mostly because of the clicking sound I always think someone has a bite when I hear a clicker. :) The RSC5 also has a Direct Drive switch that locks out the drag, meaning there is no drag and you can pull the line until it breaks. I have no idea what purpose it would be useful for and always keep the Direct Drive turned off. Abu
Cheez, the Spiderwire Stealth sounds like a great idea. Let me know if you give it a try or already have used it on a spincaster. I know Power Pro is a waste of time on spincasters but after reading your post I read about the Spiderwire Stealth claiming to have mono manageability. Anyone here ever try the Spiderwire Stealth on a spincaster and how does it perform? Abu
I have a RSC-5 that I spooled with 50lb. Spiderwire Stealth. The problem is that superlines tends to hang up on a spincaster. I'm not exactly sure what causes this problem, but I've had the same problems occur on every type of spincaster that I have ever put a superline on. I think it may be one or two things or a combination of both.

A. When you catch a fish that puts up a decent fight the line will retrieve tighter on the spool, thus digging back into the spool and causing problems with future casting.

B. When you are done fishing the line is still wet and then it dries out on the spool which makes it tend to stick together, especially when it has spots that have dug in.

I personally believe a line with a little bit of memory is good on a spincaster since the line has to “jump” over the spool. This becomes essential on a long cast and the line starts flying off from the bottom half of the spool.

After all my experimenting with spincasters and line types I am a firm believer that 15lb. Big Game is the way to go to get the best of all worlds …casting distance, total line length and decent strength.
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Thanks for saving me some time and money. I was hoping the Spiderwire Stealth was different than the other superlines. Since you already put it to the test on spincasters and it has the same problems I had with Power Pro, I have no need to try it. Abu
I bought an RSC5 this summer and really liked it at first, but then I broke it. My fault, not the reels. I was using it in the river with 4-6oz weights on it and now when I cast it, the line slips and releases early, even with almost no weight on it. Guess I just had too much weight on it and stripped something out. Should have known better, but the thing is built like a tank, thought it would take it.
Sounds like you may have broken or chipped the line pickup with the heavy weights you were casting. Take the cap off the reel and see it the little round line pickup looks ok. If it is broken give Zebco a call and they will send you a new one for little money and usually free when I have called them. Abu
i have 2 of these reels and i like them pretty good ,
but i have had braided line problems too.
also found out that these reels aren't very friendly for slip bobber setups
seems the stopper knot gets hung between the spool and cap ridge and causes a hanging up sensation.
they are pretty tough reels though i like them but i like my openface baitsensor rhino much better.i think its a rbs6 its a large mamma with the 2 seperate drags
one for the live bait and one for the hooked fish.
it casts very far ,easily too.
for price rhino makes a darn good product that is tough to beat.

by the way thanks for the tip on the biggame line 15 # will give that a try.
the rsc5 is a good reel - i have 2 of them, and my wife has 2 rsc3 reels - we both like them
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