Return to Paradise

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    Titusville Florida
    After our tourney win yesterday John and I decided to return to the river of beauty once again and try our luck, this time without the wind and without the pressure/deadline of the tourney.
    First sun-up, John stands ready
    We work our way on back deeper and deeper up the river, fishing all the places we hit yesterday, just marveling at the beauty of this place, miles and miles of it, very little underbrush. pictures just cannot relay the true beauty of it all, what a place to just, BE.
    Here's a pic of John jiggin a sunken tree.
    And finally we arrive at Nirvana, I should've taken more pics, but, next time.
    After hangin in here awhile we decide to fish our way back out, and, final pic of me holding the booty
    Total = 27 crappie, one bass
    Have a nice day.......