Retired a couple today.....

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by kyelkhunter3006, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. kyelkhunter3006

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    After more than 25 years of use, I finally decided to retire my two Zebco 33 reels that I got when I was 8 years old. :cool2:

    I was respooling them today, and the anti-reverse wasn't working right on one, and on the other, the drag wasn't adjusting correctly. I hadn't had them on the water yet this year, and was looking forward to letting the kids use them some more. :cry:

    Both reels are completely original, except for replacing the handles a couple of years ago. They had never seen sent in for service or repair, they never needed it. I cleaned and lubed them every year or two, and respooled them every year, usually with 12-14lb line. I debated sending them in to Zebco, but they've changed the reel several times over the years, and I DID NOT want them to just send me some new reels.

    They never landed any huge fish, but they caught more than their fair share of bass, bluegills, and channel cats up to 10lbs from local rivers and ponds, in my hands, my kids hands, and in the hands of many other kids as well.:0a18:

    They are going to go into my memory box of special outdoor stuff, right next to the old Zebco 600 my favorite uncle gave me many years ago.

    Yes, I am sad, they will be missed at the water's edge. :sad2:
  2. CountryHart

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    I got one of them boxes myself. Somethings just can't be replaced at any cost.

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    My step-son won a Zebco 33 at a fishing tourney I took him to last year. He has caught plenty of fish on it to now call it his "favorite and lucky pole." Those poles have brought many smiles to many faces!
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    Verde Valley AZ
    Yea, keep them in a "Memorial",, I have a few pieces of tired, broken, worn out tackle, I've started hanging them on part of the wall in my garage,,I seem to be kinda hard on my fishin stuff, so, don't just want to toss it away.. just tie a piece of mono onto them and hang them on a peg...:wink:, good for a grin once inawhile!!