Retire that ol whatever?

Discussion in 'Camping Talk' started by bootshowl, Nov 29, 2007.

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    This is silly, but anyone else have trouble retiring old stuff. You know that lantern that's 28 years old, but if I just fiddle with it. I catch myself looking at an item and remembering an outing that was just a blast, and can't separate the two. It's like it's just painful to say, I got my money's worth out of that unit, time to buy a new one. Is it just me?
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    I don't have a problem of retiring things.
    But have to remember that just because it's retired, doesn't mean that it's time to throw it to the curb with the trash.
    Got 1 old lantern that's old and doesn't work, but it brings back some memories of camping with Grandpa and playing Kick the Can with a full can of white gas on fire.

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    Now I have an accumulation of the very old, the medium old, and the almost new (mostly gifts). The very old is what I use the most. They seem to work better ( lights better, cooks better, better designed for the purpose intended, etc. etc). They just don't make things like they use too. Course after many, many years of using them, it could be this old guy just likes the old way of doing things. Besides a new one costs ten times what I paid for the old one. Luck
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    I got stuff I like and used that I believe was made before Moses was born.Model T and sheepherder jacks.3 of the later as with 3 you can lift and level the world.My old C&O RR lantern that has camped with me every since I can remember,My stag horn knife made from a battle broken Spanish Bayonet from Cuba in the Spanish American war.My old slicing knives made from old "Pit Saws" that were used before we had sawmills.Lord knows why they were not returned to blacksmiths and converted to other things.I have a old Wick type kerosene stove.WW 1 & 2 canteens and mess kits.Navel ship SS mess trays.So much with so many memories.

    I well understand.You just never know when you might need to jack up the world or a Model A Ford do you?I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee.