Retention Ponds

Discussion in 'Bluegill Fishing' started by Larry Beever, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Larry Beever

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    Indianapolis Indiana
    Hello fellow members! I'm new to this group as of this morning. I have received many warm welcomes.
    This is a great place to visit. With that said, I was wondering if any of you have ever fished the
    retention ponds that you'll find generally around business areas? I spent last year fishing them here
    in the Indianapolis area. I caught more bluegill and large mouth bass in these ponds then I have
    anywhere in my 45 years. These ponds are always stocked with fish by state law requirements.
    It is necessary for controlling mosquitos and other insects from over populating in these ponds.
    I cleaned and vacuumed sealed more then 400 gills last year and frooze them. (no kidding)
    I gave many of them away because it was really an over kill.
    My brother and I live together and we couldn't come close to consuming them all.
    I imagine some of you may wonder how safe they are for eating. And all I can tell you is that we never
    suffered any ill effects.and they tasted great! One other thing I wanted to mention is that these
    ponds are a great place for catching your bait fish for cats! I can catch enough gills in a half hour
    to supply 2 or 3 trips of fishing.Believe me It's really easy! Give it a try.
  2. Pirate Jerry

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    Yulee Florida
    I agree, some of them have really nice fish in them...BUT be careful, a lot of them are illegal to fish in because of having to access them by walking on the highway or parking along side the road. I know, cost me $50.00 fine to learn that lesson.