Retention Ponds For Bait

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Shadow Hunter, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Shadow Hunter

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    Living in the city [Indianapolis], it`s hard to find places to get bait. I`ve found that most office buildings and housing additions have retention ponds. Over the past fue years i`ve fished a great many of them to find some good honey holes. Be ready to be asked to leave some, but thats ok just go to the next one, we have a responsibility to respect others property. These ponds hold a great number of fish, and many of them have monsters. I went today for some bait to use this Thursday for my first time out in the boat this year. In 25 minutes i caught 17 rockbass and 22 bluegills, and only used 3 wax worms. These fish are hungry and under fished. I keep them in a cooler with an aquarium air pump, and they last for a week if i change the water daily. Just keep a bucket of tap water out each day to let the chlorine evaporate. So look out Geist Reservoir catfish, the Shadow Hunter has got your number! :0a22::0a23:
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    in most of the water i fish, it's hard to get mud cats and perch for bait. i hit the local community fishing lakes around town, as there's no limit on nongame fish here. in the summer i catch them as i need them before a trip, but if i ever want to start keeping some at the house there's an easy supply nearby.