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    Well I posted the other night .But it didnt work.
    I fished the local trouament last sat 6 pm 6am.
    There was alot of flats weighed 1 25 1 22 pounds.
    Afew small channels8# was the big boy.
    1st 52# 2nd 42# 3rd34# our stringer was 32# .
    we caught 8 fish 2 channels on cut shad 5 flat heads on bullheads,1 on gold fish.We tryed all kinds of bait s.Thanks for the info Boc.Ive never tried either baits.Alot of the fish in all were beat up.An it got real foggy.Be careful in that fog guys an girls.Sorry on the spelling!!:smile2:
    THe tusr.pool was were the trouament was won!1 2 3 4
    Thank you Luckey Wade
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    Shelbyville, TN
    That sounds like a good stringer. You should be able to move up in the rankings next time. Good luck