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We had a good turnout of 13 boats for our first night tournament in Aberdeen, OH. Although conditions weren't idea, they were a lot better than they have been. There was a lot of current and drift on the Ohio that made fishing difficult. Depending on whether you went up or down river made the difference on whether or not you had to sit through a couple of rain showers. I'd like to say thanks to the new guys that came out and fished with us.

First place and big fish went to Eddie Wilson and Wayne Smith with 66.65lbs. Big Fish was a 30.25lb flathead. They took home a total of $455.00.

Second place went to Mike Wolfe and Dave Lovelace with 43.10lbs taking home $130.00.

Third place went to Randy and Mary Ann Colvin with 37.15lbs receiving $65.00.
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