Resigned from my Job yesterday Really Bummed out!

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    This is the Reason. I worked(until last night) for the largest company in the world(Wal-Mart) I was an asst, manager of division 24/27 which is the Meat dept.seafood,deli.,97 wall(Lunchmeats/smoked meats) Frozen,Bakery/comercial Breads. In charge 55 associates and for the opperation/Profit of same.14 million in sales yearly.I did 8% of the total business of the Entire store(127 million) and put 15% of the net Prifit on the bottom line. I ran the most profitable, largest #1 opperation in the distric/division. top 30 in the entire company out of 2200 supercenters,and I'm 60 years old.I am a tradesman(master Meatcutter) I have oppened 15 new supercenters in the last 5 years trained the fresh Area managers, worked 100 hours a week sometimes while doing it and diden't mind as I loved the Company and felt I was makeing a Differance because thats what I do.Taught there Food schools and Fresh area opperations to asst. managers/ store Managers/distric Managers/ and a reagional Vice President.Have recived over 25 Adwards for top Preformer In Division 24. I Was the Go to guy when ever there was a problem with the opperation wheather it be in Kansas city, South Dakota, Lincoln Nebraska,Altona,Knoxvill,and just three weeks ago at the distric Managers store Indianola Iowa.Most always having to leave in the middle of the night to get to the store by 7Am. in the morning as to be there when the Astt.manager was there to look at the opperation/ modulars/ on hands max shelf.billings.P.I. and find out what the Problem was some times just a day or two sometimes maybe a week, depending on what needed fixed and what level of kowlage the astt. posessed and where they were Lacking in Opperational know how.Never any Extra Pay Not that I expected it Just happy I could make a differance.I have been with the company 7 years.(Past tense) Well two weeks ago we got a new store director(Store Manager) Transferd in From Louisiana he came from a 112 million dollar a year Supercenter So He can run the big ones(Tough Job) and I can respect that. So hes not in our store for 2 days and all hell breaks out he starts Degradind the management team and Granted a copple of them are just out of the management training program and real green between the Ears and not real Knowagable obout the scope of such a large opperation and frankly a little overwelmed.So His new thing is that all management Tour with him every morning at 8 am with a note pad to take notes and get direction on his expectations for the day. Even the two Fresh area Astt. Managers on the grocery side which included Myself an dale the other Fersh area asst. so he starts on all he dosen't like on the General merchendice side of the store and it better damm well be fixed and Quick or we will all be working 7 days a week and if we diddent like it to Bad! Now thats not even Dales or myselfs field of Expertice or our responsiabilty or at least it never had been. now if I wanted to hang skirts on a rack I would have went to work for K-Mart 40 years ago.Iam a tradesman. Now remember this store is the best in the Distric/Reagion Which is no small feat in itself and it didden't happen by itself we the associates have made The store what it is by doing what had to be done and taking care of the most Important person THE CUSTOMER. Well not good enough for old Andy. According to Andy So were all Incompedent Thats what he told a fue Dept. managers(Bull Dung) Hotshot I have a news Flash for you Sir.So last Tues Andy called Myself and Dale into the Grocery back room and ask us if we could get half the pallets off the floor in Papergoods and Chemicals and up into the steel(Racks) before we went home for the day this is 8:30A.M. in the morning and we go home between 5:00 and 5:30P.M. so we say shure (Not even our area of responsiablty) or at least it never was before. So we go and talk with the department manager of the section and take him to his back room and explane what needs to be done and is there anything that we can do to help and does he need any any more people to make this happen before we go home for the evening? He says no he will take care of it and I say I will check back after lunch to see how its going. so I go about the busness of running my departments assigning tasks working my exceptions fixing instock problems just taking care of my opperation as I have always done thats my job. So about 9;00A.M. store manager Andy Calls Myself and Dale to come to the Grocery back room and Just starts Chewing our butts that when he tells us something that we are to stop and start doing it RIGHT NOW! then comences to tell us that he dosen't like anything in the back room and we are to straighten it all up(it wasent a mess at all) we do a tremendous amount of Busness and you have to have to have some backstock to fill the shelves when they run down which happens several times a day in a 130 million dollar store.and we have 6 people that do that durning the day Plus the overnight stocking crew.I tried to explane to him that i had talked to the dept. manager and that the pallets would be gone by the end of the day as per his direction. He stated to Me that if He wanted to give the department manager direction he could have done that himself and for Me and Dale to get busy throwing that Freight and stomped off around the corner. Well I chewed on that for about 15 seconds then took off after him and thank God Dale grabbed my white coat and held me back and said JOHN what are you doing?And I responded I'm going to go kick his BUTT! Now Wal-mart has has as its main MOTO RESPECT for the Associates, We live by those words or at least were shure supposed to So In the last two weeks I have become Incompentant,responsiable for all the departments in the store I have had my days off changed now I only get one weekend off a month to spend with mywife I have to close the Total store two nights a week which is useually midnight or so, then i get the next day off and back in early the next day. So I ask Store manager andy You know sir this schudual sorta Sucks How can a person even enjoy his days off when he ends up sleeping most of the next day not to mention that now i can't get to church but one sunday a month plus there not any time to spend with the wife because she works all week and has the weekends off? I use to have Sun./Wed. Off and closed One night a week. Hii Answer thats the way its going to be! So after talking with the Wife and Fumming about it for the last week last night after my shift was through I went and talked to my Co. manager #2 in the store and told her I was Resigning My position with Wal-Mart and the reasons I would have told the Store manager But he is off for a fue days to get unpacked and spend some time with his Family. Sorta Double Standards Wouldent you say? we can as his Astt Managers can Work 7 day a week if he so chooses and he has time with his Family cause as he stated to us his first day on the job.Thats what we work Right? So as we can make Money and be able th Enjoy Our familes and our Hobbies.Well now I went up to the rest home to visit my mother last night as I do several times a week She is 88 years old and has alshimers real bad and dosen't reconize me any more but thats O.K Bless her heart I love her so dads been gone now for 31 years and they raised 10 of us children What lucky kids we were to have them as Parents they went without alot of things so us children could have shoes and clothes and food on the table I guess we were realy poor but we never felt like it! Dad always said what a rich man he was Because his children were his Gold and Jewles.So while I'm gone I get a call and its on the answering Machine and You guessed it It was store Manager Andy wanting to Know what was going on and he needed to talk With me and If there was anything He could do? I diden't return his call. And as I was typing this I get another call From a 402 prefix don't reconize the number so I let the answering machine pick it up and I just retrived it and you Got it Store manager Andy John man I really need to talk with you Ill be home all day today and back in the store tomorrow please call me its Real Important Please Return my Call.I would sorta Guess that the Distric Manager His Boss Or Our Regional Vice President wants an Explanatoin About WHY the #1 Division 24/27 manager in the Distric and #1 in the region Resigned his job and wants an explenation on whats going on up there in our store. I don't know if I will returne his call or not because I know from past experiance the more you stir a barrel of crap the more it Stinks. Well folks thanks for listning I'm just really Bummed out God Bless your Friend J.D.Straka

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    John, sorry it had to come down to you resigning. If it makes you feel any better, I would have done the same thing.

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    John I am very sorry to hear about that. Sometimes dedication and preformance is not rewarded as it should be. You seem to have done your job and done it very well. I would go above his head and explain things. That is if you want to keep a job at Wal-Mart. With your experience though you should not have a problem getting a job at any chain of stores or any meat place.

    Good luck brother, pulling for ya. Hope you end up doing what is best for ya.
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    I'm real sory to hear that this new guy has made things so tough. It really sucks when you just about kill yourself to do a good job, never really expecting a "thank you", but you don't expect to be kicked in the ass for it either, though.

    You need to answer him. Let him - and everyone else - know that you resigned because of him and the lousy way he has been treating everyone. He is new in the store and maybe he felt like he needed to be proving himself right off. That does not give him the right to treat people like crud, though. No one ever has that right.
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    Sorry to here that john some people just don't now when to trust in there employees some guys run there mouth and find that people won't put up with that make him squirm a wile now its his butt on the line
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    Man, a Bad Boss can turn a job really bad really fast.. Sound like he has some "Nepolian Syndrome" or something..
    You should deffiniatly tell somebody higher than him why.. You don't want your reasons filtered through him...

    Hope everything works out for you..
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    I'm sorry to hear that they backed you up against the ropes like that.

    I hope that "store manager Andy" has to explain to his upper management how such a dedicated asset such as yourself, felt it best to resign. Unfortunately we all know $hit rolls downhill. I am sure they will make themselves feel better by convincing themselves that they are now better off without you. Or worse, that they use you as an threat/example to other employees to "get with the program".. or else.

    I'm really sorry that this has happened to you John. I hope and pray that new opportunities come your way.

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    My thoughts and prayers are with you on this one.
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    A lot of times in retail, a new store manager is installed into a store to ruffle feathers and make things miserable for employees that have been around a long time or that are near the top of the pay scale. If you resign, then the company saves on the wages, benefits,etc. and the store manager uses the excuse,"That's the way we did it in XXXX". I've seen it done more than once and at different companies.
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    Personally, I think you did the right thing John. No one shuold be treated that way.
    I am glad it wasn't me that was in that position.... let me rephrase that he should be glad it wasn't me in that position. They would have had to call the police and an ambulance, before I was finished talking to him. I don't take that from no one and neither should you.
    I hope everything works out for you and your family.

    PS If the district manager calls you, it might just be worth answering. Just to see this moron get roasted would be worth it to me, LMAO!!!
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    John, do you think the reason for all the calls is Andy has an illegal immigrant to fill your shoes and wants you to train him...??:crazy:
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    JOhn i'd be calling the higher ups if I was you. Don't let that jerk get away with what he's done without a fight. explain it to them, who knows you just might get your job back and he might be gone. either way don't give up without a fight Or He may try to Black Ball you so you can't get a job any where. So PROTECT YOURSELF. Were all pulling for you.
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    John sorry to hear about your problem. You sure did handle it better than I would have. I would have told him just where he could put it. If he could do any better go for it. He is not any better than you or me. Like they said I would go way over his head and make him answer for his high and mighty ways. Good luck brother in what ever you decide to do I am on your side.:big_smile:
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    John, I'd Have To Say That You Did The RIGHT Thing, God Bless You. Just Remember The Old Adage, "Everything Happens For A Reason". While You May Be Bummed Out, It Will Only Be Temporary & Before You Know It, You'll Look Back And Say, "I'm Glad I Did It !!":wink:

    Hang In There, Buddy:big_smile: :big_smile: :big_smile: Elliot
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    Sorry about your situation John. I would've done the same thing. Actually I did when i worked at the prison for 11yrs and my first line supervisor made our job he11. So I resigned and two weeks later he transferred to the womens prison. Where he got fired.
    But I'm with JW. If he calls back I would most definitly answer it. You might not go back there, but what you do could effect the other people who work there. Make things better for them.
    Good luck.
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    John I have to agree with JW here. Personally I hope you do talk to the District Manager, just think what its gonna be like for all those GOOD folks you use to work with there:confused2: can make a difference for them even if you don't go back.:wink: Who knows...maybe they will replace him with you..LOL...Hang in there John and do a little fishin in the meantime, it's good therapy!:tounge_out: I truly hope things work out for you Buddy.
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    Hey John did you work in the Super Walmart on I-29 in Council Bluffs? I use to go to it all the time when I lived on the Iowa side.

    Anyways, I would take the next call. If the guy reeks of desperation for you to come back, then you've got him where you want him. He knows he's on the hot seat, and he's probably trying to patch it up, before he loses control of everything.

    Hey if you want, could allways get ahold of the higher management, tell them what happened, then offer to take his job for slightly less then what he's making.

    And if you decide to tell him "stick it where the sun don't shine!" then I'll boycott that Walmart.

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    man sorry to hear about that my mom works in the bakery at wal-mart and they work her to the bone she is the only person up there to do the cakes just take it easy and have fun with life.:0a23:
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    I would stir it up bigtime!!!!!!!!
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    John, sorry to hear about your problems with your manager. My wife works for Walmart, and has for about 9 years. Nothing about the store is the same as when she first started. The things that Sam Walton started to see that the employee is treated fairly is out the window in most of the stores due to the new hot shot management they rush out of their management assembly line. The aim is on bottom line, and employees can be replaced easily. You were a skilled position employee, when Sam was in charge, that was you're only job. The management of today tries to run the store on the absolute minimum salary expense. Trimming here, and there, cuts down on operational expenses which equals a bigger bottom line profit.

    Managers get there bonus checks off this. They could care less if customers have to wait in long lines to check out, when they try to operate with 1/3 the checkout registers open. They routinely pull management from their designated job to do other jobs around the store. Then will wonder why your designated job isn't done. Funny part is these hot shots don't have the common sense to figure out that you can't spend half your day working on these other projects, and keep your department up too. Sometimes I think they pick out employees that have a little seniority, and are now pulling in a pretty good check to aggravate like this. They know if you quit, they can hire someone else, for less money, to do your job. Once again, helping their bonus check. The meat in our store comes in pre-cut now. High payed, and skilled meat cutters are just stock boys now, keeping the meat case pulled, and full.

    They have a grass roots program to try to deal with stuff like this but I don't think it works. Walmart puts up a smiling face to people, representing themselves as a wonderful place to work, don't believe it folks, that's smoke, and mirrors for the uninformed. They are making a lot of employees do the work of two, and intimidating them if they don't get it done on their eight hour shift. They even don't let them go home after their eight hours is up if things are not done to their satisfaction. That's how they can continue to build new stores every year, here and all over the world. I've about had all I can take personally, regarding the way Walmart treats it's employees. It all boils down to one word. Greed. If you want your job, John, you might consider what I just said if you talk to the guy. You might call the district manager, and talk. It all depends on which one you got as to whether it would do any good or not.

    I do know Walmart doesn't like negative publicity. They very quickly try to say this is a knuckle head manager, that there are a few like this, and it is not the Walmart policy, etc. , etc. , but in the final analysis, nothing much ever happens. I f you know someone who works for a Walmart, ask them off the record, how things are now in their store. I hear negative stuff all the time from different stores in this area. Way more negative than positive. Do what your heart tells you to do John. Good luck, Jack.