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Reservoir Flatheads

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What are the best locations for targeting these fish? :confused:
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I fish the old river system that was flooded,old river bends,creek to river junction areas,trees,dikes with large rock,creek channels,old pond dams,sumerged road beds,sumerged bridges,deep holes,>most the areas I fish are upstream in the old river systems.There's alot of good things in lakes to hold flatheads.It all depends on the season,water temp,and all the other conditions that comes with fishing.Any structure you can find in an area with deep water near.I fish alot of open water areas(like old home places that wre flooded) these are candy stores.I like heavy structure,not necessarily thick stuff like crappie brush,but heavy stuff like trees,logs,large rock,you get the idea.You'll get all kind of info on this subject and it will all help you.It's all good stuff,and it's from all different types of lakes and from different states which gives you a large amount of info.I myself fish a 56,000 acre lake in South Carolina. :0a26:
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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