Request for an 85 year old man

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    mid GA
    From a good friend of mine his grandfather
    If seriously interested shoot me a PM for the address
    Thanks from me and my buddy

    I know some will think this is silly.......but this is for someone very special to me and my family...............You see my Grandfather has a birthday coming up on Sept. 9th and for some reason he absolutely loves to get birthday cards. He will be turning 85, he is a father of 6, grandfather of 11 and great-grandfather of 8, he is also Veteran of World War II and has served on 2 very prominent boards of directors here in Ga for many years. He also still farms 5 chicken houses and about 65 head of cattle everyday. And lastly he is a cancer survivor of 7 years now.......................... Many here know me and know that I wouldn't ask if it wasn't something special.............. Anyways me and some of the other family members are trying to get him a couple hundred birthday cards sent to him for a surprise. If some of ya'll have kids who could or would like to make a card to send to him or for that matter if you would like to send one shoot me a pm for an address and name............. Again thanks for your time and assistance