Republican River

Discussion in 'KANSAS RIVERS TALK' started by Catmaster, May 19, 2006.

  1. Catmaster

    Catmaster New Member

    SE Kansas
    Has anyone here been fishing on the Republican River North of Manhattan this year? If so did you do any good and where exactly were you on the river.
  2. drakewoodie

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    Milford, Kansas
    North of Manhattan? Are you sure your talking about the Republican River?? the Republican River runs back Northwest from Junction City(where it joins with the smokey hill river to form the Kansas River), to Milford Lake and then up towards Concordia/Jamestown and on back to the Northwest into Nebraska, it doesnt run north of Manhattan. If you are talking about the Repubilcan a good spot to fish it is just north of Milford at the Smith Bottoms Boat ramp on Milford Wildlife Area