republican river

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  1. cat lineman

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    Dad said he went out on the republican river today but didn't have any bites. He was around Concordia
  2. Katatonik

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    Ogden, Kansas,
    Tell your Dad to try the upper end of a farm pond. Still a little early for
    the north end of the Republican, I imagine...they're probably in deeper
    holes in a winter stupor still. Hafta drop it on their nose to get them to
    hit when they are that way. Difficult but not impossible. Some guys
    find out where the cats winter and hit them when they are all clustered
    together and half asleep. Once you find where they are the fishing is
    very productive, but finding the spot is work especially without sonar.
    Upper end of a small lake warms up earlier and the cats wake up sooner.
    Fish shallow under a bobber and let it drift with incoming current until
    it starts to enter the main part of the lake. Repeat. Be patient.