republican river at the fort

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    Pittston, PA
    i never really fished the stretch of the republican across the street from my house for flatheads, but there looks like a lot of good spots, so im gonna set some lines out there tonight to see if anything is in there and see if i have an untapped resource there, i am the only one i ever see fishin itand i do good on channels, but i found 2 snags right on the edge of a pretty deep hole and they provide a pretty good current break. if anything comes up ill spend more time fishing it for flats,, ill keep yall posted.
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    I went by there 2 weeks ago, looks like a great spot. Those brushpiles should make for good fishing where you can find current breaks or shallow reduced current feeding areas nearby. There were a few old lines in that area, but nothing that looked recent except a few marked with orange spray paint. The river gets hard to run when the water is down up there, but should be ok now. Good luck and let us know how you do. I caught a few up to 16lbs last weekend downstream by Manhattan.