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    Walla Walla Washington
    Some days you can't beat them off your line with a stick, other days they're nowhere to be found. Went out to the Walla Walla river last night, about 3/4 mile up from where the Walla Walla meets the Columbia. Tried chicken livers, nightcrawlers, with a few little nibbles here and there. Tried circle hooks, j-hooks, bottom rigs, slip-bobber rigs, nothing seemed to work. However, I met up by chance with Treasure and we converted another camper to the flock. Must have spent four or five hours sitting on the bank just shooting the breeze and not catching anything. Nobody else around was either though, and sometimes that's just how it all works. It was like night and day from my previous day's fishing, but it was a beautiful starry night with good conversation so it was very good fishing in it's own right.

    The day before I went out to the Snake River and floated chicken livers under a slip-bobber in an inlet to a nice little bay. I caught 2 channels in the 5 lb range, and a few smaller ones. I probably missed 5 or 6 more, all in about an hour and a half period. It sure was fun watching that bobber bob and weave around in the water, there must have been a swarm of kitties around there. Ran across a rattlesnake too. I spent a few years in an area where there's lots of snakes, but I forgot how much they can make you jump when they get to buzzin'. All in all, good times.
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    Wilton Iowa
    Good post Greg, sorry for your luck, but that's fishing.. when i was a younger lad i spent many of days fishing lakes in wash mostly northern wash had plenty of rainbow trout to eat. it wasn't til i moved to Iowa that i became accointed with cat fish, except them lil yellow belly bullhead we used to catch in the small river.

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    Yea Greg, Nice post. Update to this is that the other guy and I sat till the cock crowed, he finally gave up and went home but I stayed till about 8am.

    I caught a perch, Bullhead, bluegill which I tried them all and got nothing but a couple small bites and nibbles. I tried all the way across the river to within a few feet of our side. I did catch one small channel about 10 inches long on worms while trying to catch a northernpike minnow. Little bugger was about 2 feet from our side of the bank and tromped on that little worm when I threw him in..He must have thought he was a 15 lb'er the way he grabbed it and ran.. I like it..big cat little cat syndrome..a cat with attitude..

    Oh yea the little 5 inch shaker and sticker channel so I guess that counts as two fish that trip..:big_smile:

    My conclusion is that- twernt like the other days fishinng trip... cats must have changed the rules since then. But the company and the night could not have been better.

    Sorry about the is a bit outdated. Guess I should either cut my hair and shave or get a new pic huh? heh eh eh eheh