Report from Lake Chicot in Arkansas

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    Well I made it back from My trip Eating size channel cat did fair they are hiting cut shad Crappie poor but the ones I caught was nice About 12 inchs on char. and green jigs white bass hot The high light of the trip was thursday I was floating by a dock on the state park I saw 2 young teenage boys fishing I ask them if they were catching any they said no I told them to drop there lines straght down and fish as close to the piers as they could Friday as I was packing they came by with a large sack of shinners one of the boys came over and ask if I was the man in the boat I said yes he then thanked be and told me they caught 14 white bass after I left Guys thats what its all about us old timers passing our knowage to the young folk
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    There isn't nothing like spreading a bit of knowledge about fishing and watching those boys get a couple. I just know that was the highlight of your day for sure...


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    Pastor- I was tempted to come down there and hunt you up and see how things was going. Heard a lot about the lake down there,but have never fished it!

    It's always a good feeling to see the smiles on a youngesters face after you give them a good pointer or two. Reps to you!
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    That was very cool. They will probably never forget that day fishing.