report from 4-9 and 4-10-08, Warsaw below the dam

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    Fished yesterday and today, not much going on yet. Went out Wednesday afternoon and caught 4 blues, all 3-5 pound range but had several "swing and a miss" incidents. Steve Brown stopped by to BS while I was dealing with two rods that both were getting hits, which is were he commented the swing and miss, funny and had us both laughing. I left at about 9:30pm when lightning hit the water down by the 65 Highway bridge, not cool! Think I need rod holders. They were running alot of water Wednesday night, shad stacked up in Drake Harbor. Went today and they shut the water down, one spillway barely moving anything, 250cfs I would guess. One hybrid in the old channel, no cats and no bites from cats. Wind was out of control also. Water temp in the main channel was 51 today. Good luck everyone! Chris
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    Thanks for the report sounds like you had a good trip

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    Great detail on the area.

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    The wife and I were below the buoys about 100 yds on the east side wednesday for most of the day tied off to some brush. She caught 4 good eaters and I took a 12, 9 and another eater. Atleast this week she didnt get skunked, I'd hate to loose my fishing partner. We put the john in at Drake harbor and managed to get enough small shad to fish with for the day there. We're hoping the weather holds for this next Wednesday cause we'll be back but may fish a different spot next week. When we were pulling the boat out at Drake a young man stopped to talk with us and said he was a life long resident of Warsaw and gave us several tips he said he had gotten from the old men around there when he was growing up. Mostly he talked about hooks, knots and a couple good holes of water to fish. Bottom line is - 2 trips in 2 weeks with fish ( nothing really big ) and both times met local people with good info and pleasurable to visit with and all I got to say is -- there just aint no other place like it. Paul