report from 4/18

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    NC- Brunswick County
    took my teenage son, nephew and one of their buddies. We set some bush hooks, the buddy had never caught a catfish before.

    We were only there a couple hrs and only set 10 hooks and caught 4 on cut bream. We had on blue about 20lbs, 2 blues in the 10-15lb and one flat head about 8-10 lbs.

    We fished with poles while waiting on the hooks and didn't get bit. We put in at lock #1 and went down river.

    The river is still a little high but not too bad.
    When we were putting in a guy there in a pontoon had a blue of about 45lbs.

    one of the small blues had roe, none of the others did though. BTW, i don't usually keep catfish but we didn't have any fish and kept these. They were very tasty.

    We also removed the hooks and lines when we left.