Report For Smith Mountain Stripers..

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    Smith Mountain
    Although I havent been out much Targeting Stripers Since First of May. We have been catching quite a Plenty while fishing for Flatheads. Mostly from live and cut Gizzard Shad. Planers Boards with long freelines and lite weighted freelines as well as downlines have been catching good numbers in the mornings and evenings. I'm still hearing good reports of Casting Plugs at night with various sizes of fish in the Mid to Lower Lake section. Lures such as thundersticks, F18's, Bomber long A's and Rattlin Rougues. Alot of the fish are ranging in the low to mid teen lb range...
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    Thanks for the good fishing report. It's good to have another area in Virginia covered well as far as fishing reports go.

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    West Virginia
    I fished 3 days in the end of july with no luck. Mainly stayed around the S-turn fishin live minnows cause I forgot my throw net. I think all the fish were staying super deep, couldnt even catch largmouth without trolling 15-20feet deep.