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    Well, I was finally able to get out to Cooter's Pond on the last day I was in Alabama. I don't have a boat, so I had a little trouble finding a spot for bank fishing, but I'm not really particular. Usually, if I can get a line wet, I'm happy.

    I showed up at about 2:00pm to catch some bluegill for bait. They had a bass tournament that was just winding down, so the place was a bit of a madhouse, but heck, the bream are always biting, so that wasn't a problem. I caught about eight bluegill and decided to go grab a bit to eat before putting them to use. By the way, I believe the bass tournament awarded a $2000 check to a first place limit of 5 bass for 16.5 total # and the biggest bass taken was 4.5# or so. I lost track.

    Anway, about 6:30 I headed back out to the docks and proceeded to drop a couple of smaller bluegill into the channel. The channel I was fishing connects the Alabama River to Cooter's Pond, so it's basically the on-ramp to the river for all of the boaters, fishing and recreational alike. There was still a good bit of boat traffic in the early eavening, so my hopes weren't really high, but, like I said, fishing is better than not fishing.

    I spent a couple of hours trying various spots for about 20 minutes at a time (two poles) from the deepest part of the channel to the mouth of a small finger tributary from the river to any other area that looked like it might provide some current irregularity or bottom cover. Unfortunately, I didn't get any hits at all. About the time it got too dark to fish (I have various light sources, but those 'Bama skeeters are friggin' *fierce*!) I learned from speaking with another fisherman that there is actually bank access to the main channel mouth from the river that I had missed when scounting the day before. Knowing that there was a good chance I would have had better luck there had I known about it was a bit of a bummer, but that's ok. Stuff happens.

    One thing I will say is that I used this outing to break in my brand new Abu Garcia 7000iC3 and 8' MH Ugly Stick with Trilene Big Game 25# test. I must say that I LOVE this reel. I mean, the difference between its castability and that of my cheap Quantum Tenacity T300AP (part of a $70 baitcaster combo) is night and day. I mean this thing almost makes it *hard* to whip up a birds nest unless you're really wanting one. I am very, VERY happy with this purchase. If the 6500/6600 models cast this smoothly, I'm going to look at picking one of those up at some point as well.