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    With the shad and herring running it started off in a craze. It ended as fast as it started. The rain has ruined my last two weekends of fishing. I did manage my PB all of 24" a couple weeks ago. I'm actually very happy. I found a great place on the bank at Osbourne Boat more pier. My gear/skills are as best as they've been. ( I've only been seriously fishing for about a year). Right now I'm ready for a dry weekend and the fish to comply and get on my line.
    I went out this weekend and the river is high with alot of debris, you can sit and watch the trash go by for hours. I mean lots of trash, coolers, propane cans, trees, ect..... just junk.
    It's going to be raining for the next few days, I'm not sure where to go. I might try a pond or lake, but no river.
    Before all this rain I actually had a couple of the best fishing trips ever, from the bank.
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    I heard on the local news, 10 straight weekends now.......Rain. Rain....I went to Croaker landing last Sat. got there around 11am by 12:30 we had 20 croakers in the boat and were running from the rain.....
    Sunday I put in and bass fished local res. windy but fish all day....put on the rain suit around 2pm and fished for a couple more hours.....caught 2 nice bass couple pounds each and missed several others on spinner home just in time for the monsoon.

    Here's looking for a dry weekend and a more settled down river...