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Discussion in 'Boating' started by cliff n york, Dec 31, 2008.

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    south carolina
    is there a site besdes ebay,craigs list that sells repoed boats:confused2:
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    Almost all of the items I've repossessed in my 10+ years(boats, cars, trucks, ATV's, RV's, motorcycles, farm equipment), go to private dealer auctions.
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    Luckily in Ohio we have more specific Repo laws which are described in the Ohio Revised Code (1309.610 in case your bored. lol), such as collateral must be sold in a Commercially Reasonable. Most institutions read that as, a public auction with notice posted in a newspaper of general circulation. (Unless it's a specialized piece of collateral which is another story. ie: Handicap Vans)

    We've had some killer deals on boats, of course this is before or after I bought mine. For example four years ago we had a 17 foot Lund with a 90 HP sell for $4K or right around there. It only had two seats in it, as the other two were kept as so were the electronics, but it would have made the perfect catboat.

    We currently have a 2008 Tracker Tahoe 4.3 inboard that we're having all kinds of problems selling. I can't go into details for obvious employer protected confidentiality reasons. Let's just say that it's been my experience in my profession that in more times than not when your forced to repo/sell a boat out of state it ends up with questionable results. :cool2::embarassed:

    With all that being said, if you search I am sure there are a couple Manheims or ADESA auctions in your area. These are by far the largest nationwide auctions. There is also a specialty auction in Indianapolis that sells lots of boats. Some auctions will post what they have coming up on their websites. Give them a call and see what you can do. I don't know SC Repo Law and besides I'm not an attorney and can not give legal advice (now that I have that out of the way...) but I'd check to see if you can come out in advance and check out your local repo boats, some places allow it, other not. If you do check them out, bring a set of motor muffs and see how it runs. I've seen lots of repod boats with lower unit problems such as freezing. It might not be as big of an issue in your warmer climate though.

    Good luck with your search and if I can be of assistance, PM me.