Replacing rod guides and eyes

Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by Jb1z, Aug 5, 2009.

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    I don't if this is the right section for this sorry if it's the wrong place.

    I want to replace some of the rod guides/eyes on my rods with stainless steel ones for braid line. How would I go about doing this ?
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    Go here and you'll find some good info:

    You should also be able to buy everything there you need as well.

    Basically you'll have to take a sharp knife and cut the old ones off, being careful not to cut into the rod blank, and then wrap all new ones on. It will be a lot of work. You may be better off buying new rods.

    At a minimum you'll need the guide, thread and epoxy. The equipment is nice to have but not necessary. Once you use equipment you won't want to go back. I used to work at a place that did this type of work for customers. I never did customer rods, but I did my own. We didn't have electric winders or dryers, but we had stands and a tensioner. I couldn't imagine doing it without that. We turned the rods by hand and rotated them 180 degrees every 5 minutes while the epoxy was drying.

    This is what I bought to do some of my own additions/repairs to my rods for stands and a tensioner: