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Discussion in 'Boat Modification Journal' started by cliff n york, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. cliff n york

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    i have read several items about bunks and carpets and their problems. then i found a product called do you guys think this would help to launch/recover my boat are is it mony down the tube
  2. AwShucks

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    Are you having problems with the boat launching and retrieval? You may want to just squat down and look at your rig and do some evaluating. Are the current bunks on edge? BY laying them flat, you gain about 2" of clearance. Are your rollers properly adjusted, or are they to high? There are several things we can do to make the launch and retrieval a little easier. Then, you can buy some candle wax, melt it, and apply it to the carpet. It gets like snot in February, if you get my meaning. LOL

  3. BoxxerBoyDrew

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    I am not for sure about the Bunkaps, but I just bought some Bunk Glides ( I think that is the name) and Bunk Enders that are 3" in width and 10" long, and they are made of a SLICK polymer. They screw to your existing bunks and they make it MUCH EASIER to load and unload the boat! The Bunk Enders wrap over the end of the bunks and give you a SLICK surface so the boat can slide up on to the bunks if the trailer is a little too shallow! I am VERY HAPPY with them!!!! I can slide the boat around on the Trailer by hand if needing to get it even on the bunks! Where before I had to back the trailer back in the water so I could move the boat!

    I think I have seen the product you are talking about and they are made of the same material, but they cover more area of the bunk, and they have a criss cross pattern to them? They will probably work about the same, but a buddy turned me onto the ones I am using.

    Hope this Helps!