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    Do you guys get your Rod's repaired after slamming them in doors, trunks or even when snapping due to a big fish? I just ask because up until April of this year I just trashed Rod's after they snapped all these years thinking they would never be the same. However since moving to Va I found a baitshop called Castaway's in Chester, Va that sells Heavy Action Rod's made by a gentleman. They are extremely strong and He claims they are unbreakable, which they seem and he backs them with a lifetime garuntee. The Rod's are $60. After buying one of his Rod's and seeing how strong it was I decided to let him repair a couple of Rod's I had just laying around with broken off tips, a 2-piece 10' Penn MH Rod I slammed in the door and a 2 piece 7' M Southbend Muddville Rod I slammed in the door at home also. When I got them back I thought might as well try it, I have used the Penn Rod extremely hard since the repair. I have caught my PB 32lb Flathead, my PB 62lb Blue and my PB 25lb Channel (all within the past month) as well as many others between 2-10lbs on this Rod since the repair and the Rod doesnt sweat. Im just sharing this with you guys who throw away Rod's after they break. You could save big money by just repairing these rod's instead of trashing and buying new one's. I dont know what people charge in your areas but the guy I go through only charges $12 to repair Rod's, my PB's make it worth the money. I would advise you guys to do a search for your area. Just sharing my finding's with all my local Va BOC brother's.:wink:
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    Those guys at castaways are great. Let me know how those repaired rods work. Congrats on those big fish too.

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    I do right much rod repair. Most depends on the break. Tips are the easiest to fix, and most catfish rods still do fine, after a repair of only a few inches. I get rods donated, that need guides replaced, tips, and re-wrap butts that are worn, for a little thing I have going called "Rigs 4 Kids". Also, being tall, and having "monkey" arms, helped me learn to do butt extensions, to better suit the rods to my size. You don't find a whole lot of rods these days, with 35 inch butt sections :wink: Can make a world of difference when going for distance.

    Most fixes, and mods can be done by anyone interested enough to do a little research! I started 40 years ago, with a $1 booklet, on tying guides. Use your imagination, it may be as simple as installing a hook keeper, right above your for-grip, or maybe you'd rather have your rod wrapped in cork, instead of foam :big_smile:

    It's easy, cheap, and fun.... also cures the winter "blues", when you wish you could fish..... Give it a try, and put those extra $$$ to bait :)