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Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by kdm75, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. kdm75

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    north carolina
    Does any one know of a repair shop around the High Point NC area that works on boat motors? My father has a pontoon that needs work done to the motor he said it will run good for a bit and then run real crappy. I know they didnt drain the gas out of it for the winter and think that a gas line are carb is stopping up.
  2. AwShucks

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    I would first recommend he run a tankful of fuel through the motor with Bubbakat's Seafoam additive. He swears by it. Sounds as though the carbs are gummed up. Shouldn't take to long to run 6 gallons through the motor and see if the seafoam cleans it up. Other than that, it does not take a rocket scientist to rebuild a carb and set the linkage up for it to run...