Repainting & Reflooring Aluminum Boat

Discussion in 'Boat Modification Journal' started by redticrunner, Jun 25, 2008.

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    As some of you know, we recently got a new to us boat back in the spring. We have been making small changes to it here and there. I need some advice on repainting and putting some floor covering in it. What I want to do is strip the pinstripes (that are flaking off in places) and repaint the outside. My question on this is, if I don't strip off the main coat and just paint over it, do I still need to primer it? Do I need to wet sand it before primering or do I need to primer and paint over then clearcoat it? I have never done this on a boat and don't want to mess it up. Next question is on the floor covering. We have looked at marine carpeting and had rather use something like marine vinyl flooring or something rolled on. Have any of you put in vinyl flooring on your boat floors and where do I begin to look for it? I dont want to have to piece it, Id rather find it wide enough that all I have to do is trim to fit. The boat is right at 6ft wide across the bottom (floor) and 17 ft long. Any and all suggestions are helpful.
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    Not sure about the painting, but I just re-floored my aluminum deep v. I didn't want carpet in it, so I opted for a roll in bed liner made for trucks. It worked like a champ, and you will not slip on it. I got the 1 gallon size and had about 1/2 of it left when the job was done. Took me about 3 hours to cover all the places I needed. Hope this helps out.

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    If it were me I would strip the hull and prime the aluminum with a self etching primer or zinc chromate or molybdate.
    The paint is only as good as its foundation.

    On the vinyl I wouldnt think piecing is a problem.
    Overlap the 2 pieces, lay a straight edge over the overlapped pieces and cut through both pieces. That gives a matching edge .
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    Have you thought about a spray in rubberized, non-slip coating like ultra-tuff/tuff-coat? That is what I did in my boat and it has worked out great. Only down sides are a little tough to clean (lots of texture that can hold dirt) and it takes some time and effort to prep for installation.

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    I put that tuff coat on my deck ,it seems to work good