Rend...go get em.

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  1. big-muddy

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    norfolk, va
    i read this report by a crappie guide from around rend today.

    "Bass and catfish are very slow now. I am not fishing for them and do not know anyone else who is. This time of year when the crappie turn on, most everyone focuses on them. I probably saw 20 boats today and everyone was crappie fishing."

    most people i know around there catch their best cats of the year around now at rend. thought i would share this with you guys since like he says nobody else is tryin.:wink:
  2. Don Wessling

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    Went to Rend for the weekend (31st & 1st). Everyone told me the crappie were biting good. I couldn't get them to bite, started catfishing, end up with one fo the best days in a long time, most in 3 to 5lb. range, eater size. Sunday came sunny and warm, could not get a cat to bite.