Removing stuck seat pedestals

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by catfishinsc, Jul 17, 2009.

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    Some of you may already know this, but it's a good tip in case anybody else has this problem.

    We bought a used boat from a dealer recently. The previous owner had installed pedestal seats on the front and rear decks. The front pedestal was stuck in the base very tightly, and you could tell someone had been using tools to try to get it out. I've never dealt with pedestal seats before so I didn't know what was really going on. When the salesman took the boat on the lake with us before we bought it he said it was stuck because the plastic was swollen from the heat of summer and that in the winter time it would contract and the pedestal would come out. Then he said you could take a 3/4" drill bit and drill out the plastic some and it wouldn't stick anymore.

    The boat was a good deal and we weren't going to let something like a stuck pedestal keep us from jumping on the deal since the boat wasn't that old and everything else was good plus the boat was already loaded with plenty of accessories. I figured we probably wouldn't want to use the pedestal while catfishing, but we may want to put the seat there with no pedestal, so I wanted to get it out. Even if we weren't going to put the seat there I wanted it out of the way while we were fishing.

    I took his advice, but instead of waiting for winter, I used a can of the pressurized air that you use for cleaning electronics. If you turn it upside down it will spray out a very cold liquid, or at least it makes everything it touches cold because it's evaporating so quickly. I believe it's carbon dioxide, but I might be wrong. Anyway, I turned it upside down and sprayed the top of the base very good, and then sprayed the bottom as best I could with limited access. Then I just sprayed the top for a while. It was basically frosting up the top of the plastic piece. It didn't work immediately, but I kept trying to twist the pedestal and after a couple of minutes it started twisting and then it came right out with no tools. After I went to the store to get some hardware to install the new rod holders, I figured it had plenty of time to warm up and expand back out, so I took a 3/4" spade bit and used it to just graze the inside of the plastic piece. It didn't remove much material, but it was just enough. Now it works like it's supposed to.
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    Hmmm. I have that exact same problem with the rear seat pedestal of my tracker boat. You may of just saved me a trip to the boat shop. Thanks!


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    Tom Thanks for sharing a good tip. Most of us have had that problem at one time or another.
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    i have the same problem with my front seat. Im going to give it a try hope it works for me.


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    Another thing you can do also is after you get them removed or before someone els has the same prob. Spray the post and the inside of the base with a little White Lithium grease. It doesn't collect much dust and grim like other lubes and it will help it from binding when the plastic gets hot.
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    Thanks for the tip Tom. I've got the same problem with one of my rear seats. It's a booger to get in and out.
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    I switch my rear seat from center to side position when driving to handle the tiller better. One hot afternoon I was gonna move so I went to switch the seat and it was STUCK. I tried for a while then planted both feat and pulled up while twisting with all my might. All of the sudden it came out and I almost went overboard boat seat in hand.
    I know it was hot but I was not in the mood to climb back in the boat soaking wet.


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    i've tried to get thunderchickens seat out. it's not stuck from heat. the release latch will not release. i've tried with pliers, a clamp to squeeze it in so it would open, but will not release. anyone else had this problem?
    next step is to take to a boat dealer and pay them to possibly cut it out. (their words, not mine).