Removing damaged screws from Mitchell 300

Discussion in 'Reel Repair and Upgrades' started by winston61, Sep 17, 2007.

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    I picked up yet another Mitchell 300. Two of the three screws (brass) that hold the side plate on are rounded over and damaged. Is there a screw extractor small enough to get these screws out? I guess I could use a fine point on my dremel and remove what is left of the screw heads and go from there. Any ideas?
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    get yourself an easy out set. i dont know if they are that small, but you can try. you can also try getting a very small drill bit and drilling it out and then flaking out the remains with a dental scribe. be careful not to hit the threads in the reel though. this is the method we use on some of out ordnance gear, so it should work. good luck.

  3. Duckpoor

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    If the heads are rounded off ,there is prob a reason ..
    They are either Tight or Corosion bonded.
    Ya might try some Kroil penetrating oil .. drip some on and around and wrap in plastic wrap so it won't evaporate. Give it overnight if ya can to work.

    Heat a blunt rod.. Like an old screwdrver or 20 pennynail , red hot and put it directly on the little screw . Sometimes between the Penetrating oil and the expantion the heat provided , those little fellas will give up with out much of a fight.
    If there is any amount of head left sometimes a new straight slot can be filed or sawed with a thin bladed hacksaw blade.
    If ya can get a tool to grab try tapping down like your driving the screw into its seat while applying tention to loosen with the tool .

    Then grind them, drill them, and figure on running a tap thru them..

    Great project. should be good for several evenings entertainment. :eek:oooh:

    Good Luck