Remove Fish Odor From Your Cooler.

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    When your cooler smells to high heavens after a few days in the hot summer or you forget to clean it out after a period of time. Wash it out with soap and water after it dries or you wipe it out take about a 6 to a dozen pcs. of newspaper wad the paper up place them in your cooler close the lid in 12 to 24hrs. the newspaper will asborb the oder. Works great try it.

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    To remove fish odors or mildew from coolers or just about anything wash out cooler with mild soap and water, then take some Pure Vanilla Extract put some on a small rag and wipe down the cooler with it then leave the rag in the cooler close the lid over night open the lid let it air a little and the odor is gone!!! Works well on old refridgerators also that have been sitting.:wink:

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    Figured this could help some of ya, not stealing the post or anything

    Diluted Vinegar also works and cuts the stench out immediately, same for pet stains and at full strength it will get fire ants away from you home just pour over mound and pour a line behind it with the house right behind it so they do not turn towards the inside
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    Or any lemon, lime, or orange juice will work. let is soak with some water mixed in it for a few hours and it is ready to go. the best part is that even some women will take notice of the fresh fruit smell!
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    Just fill your cooler with water and add a cup or two of bleech. Give it over night and drain it. It will be white and odor free. Make sure you give it a quick wash out and let it dry. It will be good to go!