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    When I was twelve I told my stepfather that I was wanting a shotgun. His reply was to save the money, come to him, and he would buy me what I was wanting. He figured I'd never save the $55.00 back in them days. I cut grass, trimed, edged, car hopped and in just two months, had my $55.00. So I went to him and said, "I got it... lets go!." He got up, put on his ;father knows best hat (remember what that look like ... lol)' and off we went to the Western Auto Store. For $55.00 I got a Savage 12 guage shotgun which was so old it didn't even have a serial number on it. But it was mine. Over the course of a few years, this proved to be the deadliest quail gun in Oklahoma. All I had to do was pick it up and start walking and a quail would die somewhere. lol. Same with rabbits. Gane wardens even asked me if I'd consider taking a season or two off so the game would have a chance to repopulate. Thieves broke in and stole my Remington 870...left me the old savage. Other than the fact I'd like to kill a thief faster than I would a mud turtle, I was happy with the ole .12 guage.
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    Memories are great, glad that you was able to get that gun and sounds like some good eating over time with it as well. I am sure it will be passed down for more memories in the future.