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    anyone own or shot a remington 700 varmint 223? with the wide forened with vents and the bull barrel. I was thinking about getting one to shoot paper with i know they are deadly accurate my friend has a 22-250 version with a 6-24 scope and we were shooting golf balls at 100 yds with it, it does have like a 2 1/2 pound trigger though. I want an AR but with cost of 223 goin up i was thinking of a 500 yd and under target rifle to shoot, maybe pop some crows or other varmints.
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    Dustyn,I havent had the chance,But my old 788 does a great job on prarie dogs,coyotes and paper. If you reload ,you can taylor the loads to the gun,accuracy will be the best it can be. My 788 with its pet load will shoot five shot groups of less than 1/2" at 100 yds from the bench.

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    You mentioned something to shoot out to 500 yards. That might be a stretch for the .223 with 55 grain bullets. The 22-250 in a Rem. Sendero would do the job. Catfishjon
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    Any 22 caliber you shoot will drift all over creation if there's any wind. Better step up to a bigger caliber . .308 winchester is what the boys use for 1000 meter competition.
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    .223 will do fine at long range with the proper bullets. 69-75 grain bullets, but they won't shoot worth a damn in that Remington 700. You have to have a barrel with a 1-7 or 1-8 twist to get the most out of those heavy slugs.

    The best compromise to me is the .243 Winchester, really. Great long range accuracy, it's fast, bucks the wind, and a ton of factory loads for it. That's important if you don't handload. Plus, in a heavy barrel rifle, recoil (mild anyway) isn't that much more than a 22-250. You also have a HUGE selection a rifles and ammo from many different companies. Any crow or varmint that you can see would be in EXTREME danger as long you're up to the shot.

    The .308 is the legendary long range competition gun, and rightfully so. In a factory cartridge, it's really hard to beat the accuracy of the .308. Military and police snipers still use it, in bolt action and semi-auto platforms. TONS of factory rifle/ammo options, probably a better selection than any other caliber. Recoil is considerably more than a 22-250 or .243, even in a heavy gun.

    Actually, most competition for long range now is dominated by the 6.5MM rounds: .260 Remington (a long time wildcat round for competition) 6.5mm/06, and the 6.5 Grendel, among others. The ballistics and accuracy potential of the 6.5mm bullets/rounds along with their mild recoil is the best compromise you can get. Also, there are several competitors that use wildcat 6mm cartridges with custom heavy bullets that offer perhaps an even better compromise, but they aren't that common right now. David Tubb shoots a custom 6mm round of his own design in a bolt action gun based on an AR15 platform to DOMINATE high power competitions.
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    The 700 remington has a 1:12 twist, so 55 or 60 would be the heaviest bullets to use. I have one and shoot a bunch of varmints with it, though I hold the range down to about 350 yards. The wind is always blowing out here in northern Arizona. This would be an easy rifle to get sub minute angle of accuracy with. If 2 1/2 pounds of trigger is too heavy, ( I shoot my varmint triggers at about 8 oz) a competent gunsmith can easily to a trigger job on that 700. If you want any load data, I could point you in the right direction.
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    northern illino
    500 yards is a very long way, I hope you drink alot less coffey than I do. I saw .223 55 grain FMJ rounds at Farm & Fleet today. $12.49 a box. Wow!! Early 2007 they were $3.99. For me 200 yards is far, I shoot .17 HMR. I love that round.It's cheap too. .223 will go farther, but for me it's pointless:0a2:
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    remington make a 223 that but its not the 700 they make a xr-1oo model that is built for target shooting
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    Central Iowa
    Had a couple of 788's to play with when I was a teenager. I have fond memories. We only loaded hornady sx's and they were fearsome on small critters. Not everything will make a starling evaporate into a cloud of feathers. Very cool. It's also harder to shoot the rifling out of a 223 vs a 22-250 or a 17 rem. 1 shot 1 kill.
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    savage has a similar rifle model 12 abt bull barrel, accu trigger:big_smile:
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    I own both brands and I really like the Savage with the Accu Trigger. It also comes with a 1 in 9 twist barrel. It will handle the heavy bullets. My long range target load is a Sierra 69gr match bullet but I use 50gr Blitz Kings for small varmint type critters.