Remington Model 5.22 LR Bolt Action.Yugo?

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    What does the Remington Model 5.22 LR Bolt Action Rifle and the famous Yugo Automobile have in common?Could it be the Manufacturer?

    I well remember the glorious praise and hype about the QUALITY from the importers of the Yugo automobile.I am now hearing the same thing about the Remington Model 5.22 LR Bolt action Rifle.What do the two have in common?Well they are both made by the same company in the same country.

    Being they were rocket attacked by NATO back when we were killing Christians for peace so that the Muslims could continue to take over the countries does say something for them.Why we were helping Osama Ben Laden and Saudi supported terrorist to try to take over these countries is still a mystery to me.It was nice of them to reward us with 9-11 and our oil prices.

    Our American businesses court the American people with one hand while cutting their throat with the other.A very common practice!

    What are your opinions on this rifle?

    I love you Brothers and Sisters