Remington 770 300 winmag

Discussion in 'Guns - Blackpowder' started by Brandon829, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Brandon829

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    Does anybody have one of these or know anybody who does? I'm leaning towards this gun pretty heavy, but I want some real reviews on it. Please help a brother out.....Thanks in advance!
  2. 1sporticus

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    google it and read the forums on this gun. I did this also and found some interesting info. Later Andy

  3. kyelkhunter3006

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    I don't have a 770, but I know around 10 people who have the 710, the forerunner of the 770, which is bascially the same gun, just a different stock configuration.

    Here's how it breaks down:

    If you're a gun crank, you HATE the 710/770 rifles. It's junk, crap, not worth a dime. :tounge_out: Why? You can't re-stock, re-barrel, or do many of the things that gun cranks like to do to their guns. :smile2:

    If you're a hunter who's looking for a dependable gun that's affordable, durable, and accurate, then you'll love the 710/770 rifles. :cool2:

    The only people that I've heard bad mouth the rifles are people that won't even THINK of owning one. :angry:

    Another forum that I'm on is pretty gun intensive, and lots of guys on there have one. Some use them for their main gun, some use them for back-ups. One the biggest lovers of the 710 rifle has one in 30-06, lives in Alaska, and kills everything that walks, swims, or flies, in all weather conditions. Yes, moose, elk, brown bear, black bear, caribou..... He loves the gun because it's very accurate, and he doesn't have to worry about ruining the gun and being out of some dough.:wink:

    Of the guys that I personally know, they all have the 30-06, and the gun is as accurate as any other gun can be. Most of the rifles shoot under 2" at 100 yards, and would probably do much better with load development, or just trying different factory loads. All of the guys just use them for hunting, and they use whatever ammo they get their hands on at the time.

    It's probably as durable as a gun can be made. Not much to break or work loose, and the stocks are tough stuff. I don't care for the looks of the stock on the 770 myself, but the 710's that I've had my hands on handle well and feel good to me.