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  1. Mike81

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    It's 9-11....what else can ya say... Remember those who were lost :sad2: and never let those reponsible rest for a minute of their worthless lives :angry:.
  2. SSgt Fishslayer

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    south carolina
    6 years ago today i was asleep in a barracks room in Iwakuni Japan. we were awakened by the Barracks dutty running up and down the halls telling everyone to get their gear on and get to their work centers. it was only after that did we find out what happened. 4 months later i was sitting in afghanistan, fighting for my family, my country, and for my fellow marines. Do not ever forget those who were lost on this day and those that continue to fight for your right to freedom and your right to live without fear. This is why I do what I do. Not for the pay, not for the gret benifits, not because i like being away from my family for 6 to 12 months at a time. But so that i can know that my son, your sons and daughters, and future generations can grow up in a country without fear, without terror, and hopefully they will be able to have everything that i have sacrificed so that they may live a better life.

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    im with you sgt. except i was an advanced weapons course in pendelton, i had been out at the bars all night with my buddies and i was sporting a mean hango-over. when i showed up at formation, everybody was telling me about the towers... i couldnt believe it. the rest is history.
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    We must always remember 9-11 and keep our guard up.
    We were all touched by this day one way or another and I'm afraid it is far from over.
    The people responsible for this are still out there wanting to kill us, our families and ruin our way of life.
    Unfortunately with the price of oil way up there their jihad is well funded and their resolve is strong.
    I'm with you Mike, hope they who were responsible never rest again.