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Rematching Rods with Reels- Any suggestions appreciated!

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First i will List the reels I use and then I will list the rods I already have. Any suggestions on matching the rods with the reels would be much appreciated. I would like to match gear for catching large cats in the 40 lb+ range.

Penn 320Gt2
Okuma Solterra (large cats and small shark)
Penn 113H2 Senator (for very large cats and fishing for 3-6ft shark)

Ugly Stik Tiger 7ft Medium Heavy (30-60lb)
Ugly Stik Tiger 7ft Medium (20-50lb)
Ugly Stik Bigwater 6'6 Medium Heavy (20-50lb

Please let me know if these rods in particular will perform for larger cats. Thanks in advance!
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thanks..i guess the better question would be is it better to use the bigwater Ugly Stik (20-50lb) with the senator or the Ugly Stik Tiger (30-60lb)? I am trying to re-match for cats mainly> I had them matched for shark and other surf fish prior>>I will be using these mainly from the shore so would the 7ft be better suited than the 6'6 rod
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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