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Regulations On Number of Fishing Rods

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Hello all. I've stumble across something in the Wildlife Code that might help some folks from getting a fishing violation. In the past I routinely used several rods out on the Mississippi River. If you read the code you will find that you are only allowed 3 (Unlabled Rods) for Catfishing. It also states that if fishing the Mississippi, or its tributaries you are only allowed 2 (unlabled rods). Lucky I didnt get a ticket. Now, its my understanding that if you label each of your rods with your name, address, and phone number that you are only limited by the maximum number of hooks allowed for trot lines and such. So, in theory you could have 33 rods and reals if they are labled. Can anyone elaborate on this for me. Thanks for your help. Good Luck Fishin !!! :)
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You must be reading last years regs. That was the way it was written. I emailed them to ask your very same question. After numerous emails asking, with no reply, they finally said, "Well, You would look funny carrying all those rods to the river". This year they changed the wording to cover that loophole. It eliminated the "labled" part and says total number canot excede 3 rods and 2 on the Mississippi River. I too got lucky over the years, not getting a ticket.
So, we are only allowed to have 2 rods to fish with? Thats a bummer. I dont understand how it can be okay to run a trot line with 50 baited hooks, unattended, and return later to (reel in) your catch, but yet we can only fish with two poles. Dont seem fair to me. Hmmmm. Perhaps a nice letter to the Mo Dept. Of Conservation is in order. :cursing:
Kutter's correct...Talked to MODNR about this reg and they stated that it is more or less a reciprocal agreement with ILDNR. Since a MO license is suitable for MO fishermen to tie up or fish from the IL side of the MS river the two states agreed upon the 2 rod limit. Guess I should say MODNR agreed with ILDNR to a limit of 2 rods. Fishing from the pontoon I'm O'K with a 2 rod count per person, but kinda limits me on fishing from my dock. And since we have a friendly ILDNR living in Hamburg a block from my house, I get the feeling that he watches my dock quite often. Maybe I'm paranoid.....but since I'm over 65 and I don't need a license to fish from the dock even if it's in IL, I still get the uncomfortable feeling he'd like to nail me if possible.
Hey Men,I'm in South Carolina and our rules are the same.You can only have two on the bank ,but you can fish any number of rods you want from your boat.
Guys, I don't know about the rules being changed. I fish with 6 poles at a time and I have all my poles labeled. I have been stopped twice on the Missouri and checked by conservation. I just checked the MDC web site and the rules still show 3 unlabeled poles. I have had as many as 8 poles out and 25 jugs out at once.
Hey guys, I have tried to find the reasoning behind the rod limit here in Ohio by searching the Ohio revised code,no luck. We know how many we can use, BUT WHY! :know-big: maybe you can get an answer from your states.
michigan rules are 2 rods or total of 3 hooks. NO setlines, juglines, yoyos trotlines or throw lines allowed at all.

A treble hook counts as one hook as it shares a common shank

hearing you fellas fish thew way you do amazes me- I never saw it in my life.
Well, folks, I am more confused now than before. I went online to the Regulations and couldn't find what we are talking about. I called the St. Louis regional office and spoke to Agent Chris Morrow, who advised he is the top ranking Conservation Officer in this region. I wanted to know the exact Code Rule on this matter. He was emphatic that the below is the rules regarding poles and said if ANY officer said different, get his name and send it to him.

Code Rule (3 CSR 10-6.410 2b):
(2) Number of Poles and Hooks.
(A) Not more than three (3) unlabeled
poles and not more than thirty-three (33)
hooks in the aggregate, for any or all methods,
may be used by any person at one time.
(B) On the Mississippi River, not more
than two (2) unlabeled poles and not more
than fifty (50) hooks in the aggregate may be
used by any person at one time. While fishing
concurrently on the Mississippi River and
other Missouri waters, not more than fifty
(50) hooks in the aggregate may be used and
not more than thirty-three (33) of those hooks
may be used in waters other than the Mississippi

He insisted that if you label your poles, NO VIOLATION CAN OCCUR if you don't exceed the above numbers.

Hope this settles the question, but.................
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Dang Kutter, I better go buy some more rods LOL.Gonna look kinda funny with 33 of em strung aroud my boat though.Gonna need some more pole holders too i think.I do run 33 jugs per person thats plenty to keep me busy enough.
Kutter, that is the same thing I was told..I have fished with several poles for years now..during the winter when the fish are not biting very much I could have 8 or 9 baited boat looks like a spider web with the lines going out.. Last December a Conservation officer pulled along side of me and said "I sure hope those poles are labeled or you are not going to be able to afford the fine you'll have to pay!.. Showed him three of the of the poles with the labels on them and he laughed said he believed me and went on his way..
Kutter, thanks a million for your homework. I just landed in San Jose and I'm settled into my hotel room. Sounds like I better get some labels on my rods. I usually only use three rods anyway, so if I label them I should be okay. Thanks again for checking into it for all of us.
yea to bad they do not have what kansas does you can buy a third pole permit
Here in AZ, the use of 1 pole come with your state fishing license. You can purchase a "2 pole stamp" for an extra 4 bucks. That really irritated me for a while, but then decided it works all right seeing as I have a wife and 3 kids that usually go with me and when we are all fishing, 1 or 2 poles apiece is almost more than I can handle, lol.
Any ideas on a good way to label the rods? I will be looking for something longterm, not pen and paper type. Etched brass would work, but I wouldn't know where to get them, much less where to have them etched.
Kutter maybe try a trophy shop. We get small tags or plaques for Eagle Scout projects. If the guy charges us it is very cheap. He can make them in plastic or metal.
Good work Kutter

I know you don't want paper,but this is what I do.Somehow I got on a mailing list and am always recieving letters to join this or support that or make a contribution.These letters usually come with a sheet of adhesive mailing labels preprinted with my name and address(but no phone # )

I stick these on about every piece of camping/fishing/hunting equipt I own.I'm a honest person and would return anything I found if it was labeled,but 99 percent of it goes in my garage.

For a stamped/etched tag try calling a trophy shop or one of those do-it-all package/printing/mailing centers.

Woo-Hoo-2 posts,I'm on my way!!
I did what Cook did..I have these labels that I attached to the pole and wrapped clear tape around it. It has been two years and you still can read it clearly. I first started out printing everything with an permanent marker that I found was not very permanent!
Yep, Dave your right on target...that works best. I use a 2 inch wide piece of box sealing type clear plastic tape. Put your name and info on a piece of white paper and I stick it close to the butt on the fiberglass part of my rod (where the meat of the rod is).
Talk to someone that runs a trap line

I dont know where they can it done off hand ... but in PA if you run a trap line you traps have to be labeled with the owners name , address and phone number ... they are normally brass tags that are etched or typed on ...

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