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Reflex Rods

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Anybody use the Berkley Reflex rods.
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I do, I matched it with a epixor eb-80 vary nice set up landed a 30lber this past weekend.
Yeah I am pretty excited I am going to try it later today. I have been using a Berkley Glowstick so we will see I have a 9' MH spinning rod.
The Reflex rods are good! I have a 10ft. spinning model and it is excellent! My dad didn't believe in it, but it held up well. :D
Great rods, I've got a 10' spinning rod with an okuma br 90 and two 9' casting rods with okuma 302s and they work great so far.
I have 2 8FT MH casting rods with abu 6500s on them tuff rods.
don't get one shorter than 8 foot. the 7 foot two piece is weak at the joint. the 8 footer or longer transfers more weight to the backbone without the joint failing. I had 2 sevens break. replaced them with eights and no more problems.
I think with uglysticks aside , the berkley reflex rod is the best catfish rod for the money.To bad berkley discontinued them
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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