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    Fellas I sat back the other day and reflected on my kids and the past year of hunting and fishing. I realized that I had a year hunting and fishing like most will never experience. I felt humbled by what God has allowed me the opportunity to be able to achieve and over whelmed at what a poor boy growing up in America can do! I know one day I'll share these memories with others and they'll think most are lies, but I'll always know in my heart, one year I did it all! Fellas we are so blessed to live in a country like America and I'm even more blessed to live in a great state like Mississippi! We only live once and I live by that thought. Many that know me will tell you that I'll drop most thing work related to make a memory that'll mean more in 30 or 40 years than money! I'm glad my daddy worked his butt off when I was young and I saw that hard work is just that, hard work and for reinforcing my desire for an education and better way for myself! I put together this video to show just what a year I've had hunting and fishing. Even though Daddy worked hard and lot's of hours we use to always have time to hunt and fish. Now he's focused on work more and I'm left with a lot of memories of the good old days. Well, now I'm starting to make these memories for my kids! They're not old enough yet to jump in full board with my adventures, but I bring them all home for them to see and they do make some trips! I guess I'm saying/typing all this is to say, "Make the most out of what you got and don't work your life away, enjoy what God has given us"!

    Hope you enjoy!
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