reflecting back and the new year

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    The other day while fishing on one of the last days of the year, gave me time to reflect on this past year. The lake was calm, and the sun was warm , my drift was almost as dead slow. I sat looking at the tips of my rods watching for any light hit. My mind stared to wonder back to the beginning of the year and reflect on what was achieved, My ability to catch big cats came to be, and finding new friends here on the BOC and recalling ones that I have talked for a short time and hearing of their passing. It amaze how just meeting them for a short time and talking on a chat could make me feel the loss. Going to my first local Gathering and meeting my local BOC members. Most of all chatting with my fellow BOC members and getting to know them and their families, I guess this what makes this site more like family. In reflecting back I also look forward to what will be and meeting new friends who are not here yet, or reading posts of my friends enjoying their stories and memories of day past. While getting knowledge form the vast resource here on the BOC . Like me I hope that everyone takes time to reflect back and look ahead to what was and what will be. To all have a good new year

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    Jeff, hopefully the weather will cooperate the next time we all get together.

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    Nice post Jeff! I also reflect back on things and learn to appreciate what I have!:smile2:
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    God Bless Jeff! Were Glade to have a Man Of Your Caliber On Board,And Happy New Year Sir. Your Frind and New BOC. Brother. J.D.:big_smile_2: :big_smile_2: :big_smile_2: :byebye: :0a18: :0a17: :0a4: :0a23: :001: