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Discussion in 'LOCAL OKLAHOMA TALK' started by AwShucks, Apr 4, 2006.

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    I am not an experienced hand at these gatherings, only attended last years for a few hours due to a wedding. However, I have hopes of this one appearing on the near horizon (...June 2, 3 and 4 ) being a standout success. However, I do have a question/comment. Are there any organized activities at the gathering. Like is there a fishing tournament for those who want to fish and brag about their powress. Is there a "How to Clinic" where old people like me can be taught how to operate/understand a depth/fish finder... is someone, or a group of someones going to give tips on pouring sinkers, use a cast net, demonstrate a "jump box" like jtew has discussed in a few threads, have a show and tell on how to make jugs. I am sure that from the cross section of catmen (and women) who will be at the gathering, there are many things which can be learned. Is there any interest amoung the other members for such activities at the gathering? Please post your response, pro or con, regarding this question/comment. Thanks. AwShucks
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    So far I know of a couple of activities that have been talked about.

    The first IS a tournament, non Gathering related going on at the same time.
    Tomahawk throwing, metal detecting are a couple of others.

    Not sure about anything else in the works, YET.

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    Is there going to be any kinda of a swap meet. Where people can get new and used equiptment. For a better price. I think that would be a sucess as well cause I know people are always looking for a good deal on lead and other items that are to expensive per say in the stores when u could find them cheaper at a meet or flea market.
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    There will be people there who can demonstrate the throwing of a net, (myself included), and others who would willingly show you how to read their depth finder. Jugs abound there (as well as ways to rig them, LOL) but no one will be using trotlines/jump boxes that I know of.

    There will NOT be a swap meet there. If someone wants to trade or swap something, it will be a private transaction between two members.

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    Hey Laerence,Im going to be there to and Id be glad to show ya how to through a Net,Mike I cant wait this year is going to be alot of fun,My wife and I are going to be there,Last year was nice....