Reels to use for catfishing

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by lawnman61, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. lawnman61

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    Fort Worth, Tex
    I was just wondering what kind of fishing reels are prefered for catfishing from all members. I like to use a baitcasting reel most of the time and a spinning reel at other times. Responses are all welcome.

  2. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    I've got an ABU 6500 that I love for lightweight catfishing, but it just won't handle the serious stuff for me. IMO, you can't go wrong with a Penn. You can buy something like a 209 on ebay dirt cheap, spend a little more for a jigmaster 500, or go whole hog and buy something like a 320gti. All three of these are rugged enough to drag a sunken boat out of the water, and they're listed in order of casting ability. I think the GT series rates right up there with the ABUs in casting. Also, Penn is one of the few companies that stocks parts for their reels for more than 5 years. I own...and use...Penn reels that are over 50 years old, and I can still get parts for them.

  3. james

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    I really like the abu garcia 5500 they are great for smaller cats. For a cheaper reel for big cats I really like the shakespear tidewaters. Just recently got a penn 209 cant wait to cast it.
  4. basstardo

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    Williamsburg, VA
    I gotta go with Abu's. I don't like the Penn's for catfishing. Don't like Penn's period really, but that's just personal preference. I use 4 6600CB's from Cabela's and I've caught fish up to 71 pounds with them with no problems. I did upgrade the drag washers though. Every Abu reel I've ever owned has been bulletproof for the most part with proper maintenance. I would get the power handle for the Abu's though...makes a world of difference.;)
  5. Lngbo

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    Just got a Cat Maxx Rod and Reel will let you know when the weather clears enough to get on the water. Both appear to be tough enough.