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Discussion in 'Reel Repair and Upgrades' started by CharlieV, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. CharlieV

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    hey, i am pretty new to fishing for things that might stress tackle. . . (used to perch and smallish walleye and bass back home) but i was wondering, is it a wise idea to swap out standard bearings (or other components) on reels for better performing aftermarket versions (and do such "aftermarket" parts even exist for reels?) ? i have an abu 6600 CB (i think that's just the 6500c3 with different color scheme made for cabelas. . . right?) and a king kat 9' rod, what might i consider doing to this set up (or should i leave it alone?) to improve performance (i have not noticed a deficit in performance, i just wondered if there are useful or semi-standard improvements that people make to their equipment. . .)
    thanks in advance,
  2. OHriverRat

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    there are aftermarket parts for your reels. I have messed around with alot of them. The bearings will get you a little longer casting distance but for the price I dont think there worth it. Your reels are good and the best advice I can give is to put a good quality line on And change the drag out.

    Check out SMOOOOOTH Drag carbontex washers they are the whip with a little Cals drag grease on them.
    Also do a search for mikes reel repair he has alot of aftermaket stuff if you interested.


  3. winston61

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    It's your gear and of course your can do as you choose. I don't think you can beat Smoooth Drag drag washers. Get the carnbontex.
  4. Relocated-Yankee

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    You've got a great setup, I wouldn't change a thing. Spool up with a premium quality line and you are "Good to Go". If you feel your drag is getting worn out or just not performing to your expectations, get the drag washer upgrade. Other than that a good annual (or more frequent) cleaning and lube and you'll have years of exellent service from that reel.

    My 2c
  5. flathunter

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    If your reel is a newer abu, it may already have the upgrded carbon matrix drag, I am not sure.

    I know they put them in all the 6500 c3's starting in 2006.

    Even if it does not your reel is fine.

    I own over 30 abu garcia baitcasters, a couple of them have the upgraded bearings in them, I realy cant tell much if any differance.

    I would leave the reel as is.
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    Yea, use what you have, sounds good,, Like most of us you'll probably acquire more tackle and gear,, so, you can upgrade/add if you find something you like,, compare the differences,,,