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    How do I adjust the tension on my garcia 6500&7000?I know it is way too tight .plus I read that I should fully release tension while in storage??
    Thanks Danny
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    Hi Danny! welcome to the boc. it's a good idea to back off the drag tension after every fishing trip. you can do this by turning the star drag knob counter-clockwise on your reel. this keeps the pressure off the drag washers and if for any reason they get wet, releasing the tension will help help them dry out faster and keep them from slipping or damage on your next outting. The brake knob is located on the right or left side plate on your reel. For casting using your setup:weight, hook, etc. hold your rod at a 45deg angle. Turn the knob clockwise until the weight slowly falls to the ground without a backlash. This will give you the best perfomance for casting. Experiment with this. With practice u should be able to cast a country mile without the stinking birds-nest.

    hope this helps Danny

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    Dan this is your tension knob.
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    Mark hit it right on the money. That's the easiest way to get it adjusted. You can fine tune it later after you get the hang of it and get your thumb timing down.
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    Dan, the spool tension knob on a 6500 is under the star drag wheel. On a 7000 you have 2 knobs, one under the star drag wheel and one on the left side plate. Loosen both knobs on a 7000, then tighten down the one under the star drag just until its snug, (not tight) then leave it alone. All further adjusting of the spool tension ( for casting ) should be done with the knob on the left side-plate.
    On the 6500 you just have to tighten the knob till you get the right feel for casting. Early on go tighter (this will cut down on distance, but also birdsnests) After a few trips you will have that knob loose, so don't worry about distance at first. Just don't crank it down so far that you need pliers to loosen it back up cause the pliers will squeeze and warp the thin metal knob and make it stick for the life of the reel LOL. ( Ask me how I know that lol)
    The last bit is to do like posted above and back off the star drag when you store your rods. If you leave the drag tight the drag washers will "cup" and not lay flat any more. Then your drag won't work as well or be as smooth.