Reel storage over winter

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by DLB-in-GR, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. DLB-in-GR

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    I am putting away some rods and reels for the season and am looking for some advice. I have seen it all over the years, fishing poles tossed into a corner and forgotten about until the spring seems to be the most common storage method among anglers I know. I have always taken decent care of my gear, I always at least loosen up the drag on the reel before tossing the combo in the corner :smile2:. Seriously though, since I have gotten some nicer equipment thanks to advice I have read here, what would be the best way to store rods and reels over winter? I have stopped storing them in the garage, here in MI there is too much temperature fluctuation and plastic parts can get brittle; I don't know what good it would do any other part in the reel to be frozen and thawed many times either. I even purchased a circular wooden rod rack to accomodate all my rods in the corner of a bedroom. But is it better to take the line off the reels that I am not going to be using again this year right now and open the bails or just leave the line on there until spring but loosen the drags? Or both loose drags and open bails?
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    I like to keep my better reels inside when I'm done for the year but I rarely take the line off cause you never know when you'll be out again.

  3. StormCaster

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    For my reels that see all saltwater action I take off the line and do a take down to clean and lube the reel. For casting reels I loosen the star drag and engage the clicker. For spinning reels I loosen the drags. All the reels are put back in the box or reel bags.

    Rods I hose them off and put them in a rod rack in storage room in my house since all my grips are cork.
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    I keep most of my rod and reels on two rod and reel holders. They are made out of wood and have wheels on them. Each one holds 14 rod and reels, and I'm able to store them in a small area since I can roll them in and out. I have a few more expensive ones and a couple of collectables I keep in my walk in closet. My longer 8' rods are still kept in a corner, going to build a rack in the ceiling in the near future. I do loosen the drag on my baitcasters, I'm not sure what you mean about opening your bails up. It would keep tension on your spring, and thats not good.
  5. Mickey

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    After cleaning and lube and backing drags off I store all of my reels in old socks, inside the house. Clean all my rods and apply guitar polish then store them in a rod rack. I believe if you make a good investment in quality equipment, then take the time to properly maintain it. Just the way that I do it.
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    All mine get drags loosened and stored overhead in the garage,when spring comes around ,just before ice goes out I strip all the line,give them a good takedown cleaning and wash the rods with a soapy rag and rinse in water,reels also get a good scrubbing then on the outside before spooling back up with the fresh line,I'll do a couple combos a day here and there wasting time till the ice is gone enough to get out the big gear again and put away the ice fishing gear.I really get motivated when the ice becomes to soft to ice fish ,yet isn't open enough to fish regular yet.
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    Not my original idea (stole it from a member from another, non-catfish, forum), but when I go to "hang up my rods" for the winter, I am going to clean and oil them, and hang them up on the wall. I am going to hang them on a dowel rod (probably 1.5" or so) just like they would be attached in a reel seat. I will cut bicycle inner tube in 3/4" strips, slide onto the dowel rod, and use the inner tube strips to hold the feet tight against the dowel. Should work really good, keep the reels up and out of the way, and ready for the "spur of the moment" fishing trip! Once I get it made, I will post some pics for all to see!!
  8. GrandpaGoneFishing

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    Can't add to this. Thanks Mikey​
  9. catfishfearme

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    My rod's i'll put in the rod rack, after washing them down with soap and warm water. My bait caster's, i'll wipe down the side plate's with a damp sponge, then over a period of time, i'll take them apart and lube and oil them, put them back together and put new line on them, my thinking is i let them sit in the winter with new line on them it will give the line time to re lakes(sp?) on the spool, or just encase i make a unplanned trip out to try and get some channels then i'll put them up for the winter in a old thick sock, then i put all of them in a back pack and put then under the bed:cool2::wink:
  10. Andy52

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    Who stops fishing in the winter?.....just kidding. I normally fish in the winter as long as the Mississippi doesn't freezer over, which is rare here in Missouri only seen that happen maybe 3 or 4 times in the last 35 years. I do clean and lube the reels in late fall and replace them in the rod holders in my boat, I have reel covers on all of them to keep the dust off, that way I'm ready to go whenever the weather is right.
  11. Fl.catman

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    I don't stop fishing so they are kept the same year round. After fishing they are all cleaned lubed and kept indoors with heat/Ac.
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    Louisville, Ken
    I agree, :wink: I've done this same thing as long as I can remember,But I leave them together, reel covered by half a hvy hunting sock after cleaning good and light oil, rods cleaned and sprayed with WD and let dry.then store inside.

    I also wipe everthing clean and cover reel with sock after each fishing trip as well.