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Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by 223reload, Feb 15, 2008.

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    I got a new Pinnacle L100 reel a few months ago. I would like to tell yall how i liked it . Yesterday I spooled it with Trilene 12 lb XT,and took her to the lake. This rel was as smooth as silk. I have it mounted on an Eagle claw Graphite rod MH ,This rod is my fav donkin dod to drop on a bush etc.Any how I was throwing a 1/8 oz jig about 70-100 feet .I was amazed. The drag has positive 'clicks ' for adjustment. I didnt catch any fish ,But I did enjoy trying out this sweet reel.andfor the price 34.99 good deal too.
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    Load are you reading my mind?Realy-I plan to do some lighter fishin instead of all River this year and I have a few good reels for it but they are not exactly light to med. gear:wink:I spend to much time on the Missippi so I was thinking bout a new reel ......and I am gonna look at what you have first.....and go from there.Thanks