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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by Spider, May 11, 2009.

  1. Spider

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    Last year I bought two Shimano Cardiff 401A reels. They worked great last year but the one had a broken Pawl Cap when i went to re-spool with a heavier line the other day. I took it apart and was disappointed to find plastic greats inside. You would think that for reels costing over $100 they would at least have metal gears. Anyway, I contacted Shimano today concerning the broken Pawl Cap and they are mailing me a new one.

    I also have been looking at an ABU "Record" Reel and the one i checked out was really nice. I wanted a better heavier duty reel and this one will fit the bill nicely. I ordered one today and downloaded the form to get a $20 Rebate too. Got it $20 less than Cabela's and About $10 cheaper than Bass Pro. Also, free shipping. This will come out to a pretty decent price for a Swedish ABU.
    This is the reel I ordered:
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    looks like a nice reel, hope ya get ta test it out on some hogs:wink:

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    You got one sweet reel in the record 60. I have had one for 2 years now. Not a single problem. I have mine spooled up with 30lb berkley big game. It is a sweet reel. It is one of the or if not the smoothest abu I have ever thrown. You will like this reel alot. It just has a good feel to it. It is not made cheap either.
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    What gears are plastic in the reel? Is it, like most reels including ABU's, the ones that run the worm gear for the levelwind? Those gears are under no load they just run the line guide. If something was to jam the worm gear those plastic gears will strip and protect the rest of the reel from damage. Also because they are lighter than metal gears they cut down on centrifugal force during a cast, making the spool easier to control and the reel cast better.