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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by peewee williams, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. peewee williams

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    I would like to ask you your opinions on certain model reels that I have to use.I do not plan on comments other than thanks.I do not get out to use these reels much,nor am I able to use them in the manor that I think that they should be used to judge them.If any of you have any of the following reels,and have had used them,I would greatly appreciate any and all likes,dislikes,thoughts,how you use them,how long you have had them and all judgments you have about them.Would you buy them again?Why or why not.If not,what would you try in their place.I enjoy others opinion whether I agree or disagree with them.I have leaned much like this and often from folks that I disagreed with.Often,someone telling me that I am full of crap is the high point of my day.I do like people that tell me what they think.Anything else is not worth the time.I am confined most of the time due to heath now and it is getting harder to post.I can and do enjoy reading your post when I can.The reels are Penn 345 GTI,Mitchel Riptide 4/0 GL,Shimano Charter Special 2000 LD,Pflueger Trion 66,Cabela's Saltstriker 6600,Daiwa Millionaire 4H,Zebco SW 808,Johnson Maxxum,Okuma Coronado CD 90,and a Penn 68 & Daiwa 7000c that I have used for years and judged,but I would still like to hear your opinions.My outside life is now mostly through all of you.Thanks for sharing yourselves.I love you brothers and Sisters.
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    Sorry peewee but I have not used any of the reels you mentioned, though I still have an old Zebco 808 that I have had for over 30yrs. still works but I do not use it any more. I have taken it out to sell a couple of times when I have a yard sell but for some reason I always put it back thinking some day I might want to use it. I do not know why.LOL:confused2:

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    Fairfield Township, Ohio

    Good to see you on the board. I have only used one freel from your list - the Daiwa Millionaire, and it is a sweet reel. I was looking seriously at one on ebay yesterday, but didn't have the heart to bring another reel into the house.

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    Only reel I have on your list is a couple Penn 68's.They are so big I have a hard time casting them.Will use them in Florida for shark fishing along with Penn 4/0 and 6/0 and if ever get my boat going again will put them on a boat rod and try for big cats.
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    I have used the Diawa 4HM that is similar to your Diawa 4H. I think that is the red reel, but the only problem I do have with it is rusting out of the side plate around the screws. It is noticable only after removing the sideplate, which is not in any danger of falling off. The leather drag does not seem to work as well. Manual indicates leather drag. The reel will outcast some of the more expensive baitcasters out there for a reel that only has bushings. Definitely a good reel and I wish I had another one.

    The Okuma Coronado is really a nice reel for a bait runner type of reel. The baitrunner engages a lot faster than the Shimano baitrunners. Reels don't seem to hold a lot of capacity for mono, but completely braid friendly with more line capacity. One thing I do not like is the metal crank handle, which is a terrible thing to have on a cold day. That pipe shape handle I have found does not fit to well compared to some of the other handles. One other gripe was that the front drag knob on both of the Okumas never seem to get tight and would rattle. I sold both of mine Okumas spinners because of those quirks.

    I hope you do get better and can go out more. To then peace and have a lovely summer.
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    I'm alot like you peewee, but it's my Mother's health that keeps me in most of the time.....I have the Pflueger Trion 66 on a 7' Tiger Lite rod and I love it....I can't get "detailed" as to why I like it, but it's a sweet reel/rod.....I'm new to the "baitcaster" scene and don't know a lot of the lingo that goes with it....But I can say, I'm satisfied with my Trion/Tiger Lite setup I have...The Trion is spooled with Ande Premium in 25# test mono in Envy Green.....Hope this helps....Dwight
  7. Shawn

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    I got my first (and only) flathead this year on the Salt Stiker 6600 reel I picked up this winter. It seems very nice so far. Smooth, but powerful.

    I can't speak for durability yet, but so far I'm satisfied with it.

    I have it paired up with my older Shimano Convergence rod...